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Pharmaceutical & Health

As a long standing supplier to the pharmaceutical industry, Burgess Printing & Packaging lives and breathes the Quality Assurance philosophy, encompassing both Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Quality Control.

Does your label supplier adhere to GMP Standards?

At Burgess it is our practice to adhere to GMP standards in order to satisfy government requirements in this market segment. Every staff member has been trained in GMP principles and our entire operating and Quality Assurance system is based on GMP guidelines. We will therefore guarantee our customers adhere to these standards.


Vendor Certification:

Burgess Printing & Packaging is proud to be the first label manufacturer in Australia to be awarded Vendor Certification by a global pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Achieved after a rigorous qualification process, it means Burgess Printing & Packaging can supply labels directly to our customerís production line, saving them unproductive quality sampling time and avoidable line stoppages.


ISO 9001 and Safety Map Accreditation:

In 2003 Burgess Printing & Packaging became the first label manufacturer in Australia to gain ISO 9001 Accreditation to the latest 200 standard. This has been complemented by our Safety Map accreditation, ensuring we have clearly defined, safe methods and procedures under continual review.

Our Automated Vision Inspection technology is another example of our investment in quality. This certifies consistent quality, set to the clientís standard. We can also apply back printed sequential numbering, up to four across the web, in line, to assist your internal processes.